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India Design ID 23

Experience the Best of India Design ID through My Lens

India Design Id never fails to mesmerize me with its stunning artwork, exquisite furniture, and vibrant colors. My lens captured every intricate detail, bringing to life the beauty of the space.

But what truly made my visit unforgettable was the opportunity to witness the incredible work that went into creating these masterpieces. I had the privilege to engage with the talented artists behind these creations, immersing myself in their creative process and gaining invaluable insights.

At f.y.i.arch, we always infuse a touch of fun into everything we do, and my time at India Design ID was no exception. I embarked on a journey of exploration, discovering hidden gems and experiencing the event in our unique f.y.i.arch way.

Moreover, I had the pleasure of meeting inspiring individuals whose footsteps I aspire to follow. Their passion and expertise left a lasting impression on me, fueling my own creative aspirations.

Delhi became a hub of excitement as I delved into the jam-packed and awe-inspiring weekend at India Design Id.

Click on the pictures to watch the video of my best picks of the event.

f.y.i.arch's Day 1 at India Design ID 2023
f.y.i.arch's Day 1 at India Design ID 2023
f.y.i.arch spending the time at different booths in India Design ID 2023
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