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Upcoming Course

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At f.y.i.arch, we pride ourselves on conducting, curating, and visiting events that are tailored to the needs and interests of professionals in the AEC field.

We understand the importance of staying updated and connected in this dynamic industry. That's why we provide you with exclusive sneak peeks of exciting events we have been through like Acetech, India Design ID, FOAID, Design Democracy and iDAC, we aim to keep our audience well-informed and engaged.

If you are an event organizer looking to promote your event, we invite you to collaborate with us as a digital media partner. By partnering with f.y.i.arch, you can tap into our wide-reaching audience and leverage our platform to enhance the visibility and success of your event. Simply send us an email om with the details of your event, and we'll be delighted to discuss how we can work together.

Instagram for Designers workshop by f.y.i.arch

In addition to event coverage, f.y.i.arch also offers a unique workshop experience called "Instagram for Designers."

This exclusive workshop is designed specifically for designers and is invitation-based.

If you represent an organization or college and would like us to visit and conduct this workshop, we invite you to reach out to us from your official email. Our workshop covers various aspects of leveraging Instagram as a powerful tool for designers, providing valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your online presence and connect with a broader audience.

Looking for Brand Collaboration and Promotion?

Ask for our Media Kit

Our team has a proven track record of successfully promoting products and platforms on Instagram through creative content strategies.

Partner with us to differentiate your brand and reach the right customers.

Contact us for more information on and ask our media kit.

Ar. Sagar Saoji at India Design ID
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