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Blender Render

Unlock the power of 3D Design.

10th Dec

2.30 Hours

Rs 1299/-

Why Blender?

  • Open Sourced / Free.
  • Parametric Modelling.

  • Realtime Render Engine.

  • Ai Integration.

  • Optimal workflows that make architectural design exciting, fun, productive and fast.

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Why should I take this course?

To Enhance
your portfolio

A step towards enhancing your skills for higher studies

Job prospects in architectural firms, where software skills are highly valued.

Opens Alternative career options

If you are looking for something similar, then Blender Render is for you🫵

Blender has the highest demand in big firms

How it will benefit me?

  • Unleash Your Global Potential, Conquer International Clients.

  • Make your Portfolio for international universities stronger, learn 3D beyond SketchUp.

  • Entry to a Vibrant Community: Collaborate, Inspire, and Grow.

  • Unlock Free Guides and Resources.

  • Opportunity Gateway for internships with the tutor herself in the future.

What should I expect from this course?

  • Workshop Type: Project-based online studio workshop.
  • Familiarize yourself with Blender's user interface.
  • Hands-On Building Modeling.
  • Dive into the world of modifiers and tools essential for architectural modeling.
  • Place your 3D model on an actual site using Geographic Information System (GIS) data, adding realism and context to your project.
  • Set up the perfect camera angle to render.
  • Apply materials and textures to give your building a lifelike appearance.
  • Light Up Your Design.
  • Render Your Masterpiece.
GIF Showing Urban Mining created using Blender

Hands on parametric modelling with the tutor. 

Join us for a hands on modeling session on this doubly curved parametric structure.

Registration Fee

Indian: Rs. 1299/-

International Student/ Professional

20$ / 18

(Click on Register for PayPal Link)

What's in store for me?

Discord Logo

Discord Group

To solve your queries and sharing the latest update about Blender

or 1:1 consultation.

Blender 3D software logo

Resource Material

Blender Link, GIS plugin, Material Kit, Lighting Kit and 3D animated file for experimentation.

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Course Certificate

Get a course completion certificate for

Blender Render

Meet your Tutor

Ar. Gayatri Agrawal, Blender Render with f.yi.arch
Ar. Gayatri Agrawal
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • web_edited

Hi, I'm Gayatri. I am a skilled 3D Artist. I utilize my proficiency in Blender for 3D modelling, texturing, and animation to craft interactive and responsive spaces in the metaverse.

I  secured a spot in the university abroad and cracked five new clients simply by showcasing my designs visualized using Blender. This skill isn't just an add-on; it's a career accelerator.


Who is this course intended for?

  • Architects, designers

  • Students planning to go abroad for higher studies

  • Students and professionals seeking opportunities with international firms

  • Beneficial for professionals and students who wish to be able to translate design ideas into 3d concept as quickly as possible.

Okay, how to Register?

  • Click on the register button.

  • Fill the form with relevant and correct information.

  • Complete the payment - (UPI/ Card) and PayPal (International Payment).

How do I know my registration is complete?

You can directly register for a workshop from our website. Once your payment is complete you will get a confirmation on google forms. We will contact you incase we do not receive the payment. In any condition you are not able to upload the payment receipt, email it us at with your transaction details.

Is this a pre-recorded course?

Yes, the course will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recording.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, we will be sending you a course completion certificate with few more resources once you complete the course.

I have registered what next?

A link will be sent to you on the launch of our course . The course will be around 2.30 to 3 hours.

What is the refund policy?

The course fee once paid is non-refundable. We recommend you first check the complete system and then decide to make a payment. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully, Once you make the required payment, it shall be final and there cannot be any changes or modifications to the same, and neither will there be any refund.

Got any more questions?

Write to us on or DM on Instagram.

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